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Alexander Skulsky

Alex Skulsky is Director of Operations at SWAT Fuel, Inc., fulfilling myriad roles at the company – from project management and network integration to product distribution, fulfillment, shipping, and interfacing with our customers.

His background is as rich as his range of responsibilities. After emigrating to America from the Ukraine, Alex joined the United States Marines, serving in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. His primary duties involved planning, inception and successful implementation of base, checkpoint, convoy and mission security, as well as Q.R.F. (Quick Response Force) functions. He acted as a liaison between U.S. and Ukrainian coalition troops, translating from Ukrainian and Russian to English and vice-versa

His non-military experience and expertise includes more than 6 years coordinating, deploying and managing telecom infrastructure projects, large and small, all over the globe, where once again his multi-lingual skills came into important play.

Alex brings well over a decade of management and operational skills to SWAT Fuel, along with his military perspective and discipline. Like all members of the SWAT team, he brings drive and dedication to our mission.