Eric the Trainer Demonstrates the Zottman Curl. Plus, an exclusive interview with the Celebrity fitness Guru!

Today SWAT Fuel has a special treat for you: a demonstration by the illustrious Fitness Guru for the Stars, Eric the Trainer.

Eric shows us an amazing bicep / forearm workout called the Zottman Curl. 

He also blesses us with an exclusive interview!

SWAT Fuel: What made you get into physical training?

Eric: I got into fitness because I was a short, small kid.  It was a drag; All the girls that I found attractive looked like they could be my babysitter, not my girlfriend!  They did NOT want to make out with me.  But as I grew taller and matured, I noticed the more time I spent working out in the gym, the more beautiful women noticed me.  I realized, one could change their destiny if they focused and transformed their bodies.  It was like magic!

SWAT Fuel: What are the biggest hurdles you encounter with clients with respect to reaching their fitness goals?

The biggest obstacle I face with clients is breaking bad eating and sleeping habits.  You are what you eat, so diet REALLY matters.  And the only time the body can change is during slumber.  Exercise, diet, and sleep are the science of change.

SWAT Fuel: What’s your favorite healthy treat / dessert to eat?

My favorite sweet treat is mango.  It has incredible cancer fighting qualities, but to me it just tastes amazing.  Almost as good as my other weakness, chocolate chip cookies.