Get Fast Results From Twice-A-Day Training

If you structure twice-a-day training correctly, there is no down side to this superior method for increasing strength and power. It will easily translate to increased training outcomes and greater performance in your sport.

A new study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology compared the effect of twice-a-day training on a variety of strength and power parameters in recreational trainees and elite weightlifters. The twice-a-day training consisted of the same workout separated by a  six-hour rest. Participants performed ten singles with two minutes of rest between repetitions of the front squat using a load of 90 percent of the 1RM for both training sessions.

The weightlifters demonstrated a significantly greater ability to generate and sustain peak force during both training sessions than the recreational trainees. Peak force varied by 26 to 38 percent greater for the weightlifters than the recreational group across repetitions.

The weightlifters had an insignificant decline in ability to generate peak force from the first to last repetition in the first training session, whereas the recreational group had a substantial 20 percent drop in peak force from the first to last rep of the first training session.

More interesting: The weightlifters began the second training session by producing greater peak force than at any time point during the first session, and they had an insignificant decline in peak force by the final rep of the second session. The recreational group had a significant drop in peak force generation for all lifts in the second session. 

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