How To Look Good On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is considered one of the most special days of your life. In front of your friends and family, you will be united with the love of your life.

That event will be forever in your memory... and in your guests’ minds, as well.

Of course, you want to look good on your wedding day! Your wedding day look will be forever immortalized on Facebook and Instagram posts of your guests and in your wedding book photos.

If your special day is only months away, here are some tips to look your best:

1. Always Get a Good Night’s Rest

To look good on your wedding day, work on eliminating deep-set eye bags and hollowed eyes. Achieve that look by getting a full rest every night.

We know that getting enough rest is hard - especially, when the big day is near! - but trust the process. Getting enough rest is to be considered important to looking your best and thus you should make this one of your main daily priorities.

2. Drink a Lot of Fluids, Most Especially Water

Getting enough fluids months before the wedding can help your skin glow during the wedding day itself. You will look good in your wedding day pictures and you will also feel fantastic!

Drinking water flushes out toxins that may accumulate in your body. Drinking enough water also prevents dehydration - which, can likely occur when you’re preoccupied with wedding preparations.

Drink at least two liters of water a day. This roughly translates to eight glasses of water. The more, the better. It is easy to forget to drink water when you’re too busy. However, bringing a tumbler or a water bottle with you wherever you go can help remind you to drink the optimal amount.

3. Create a List of Things to Prepare for the Big Day

Creating a list of things to do and things to prepare months before the big day can help you focus on tasks that need more of your attention. Laying out your list also helps you mentally prepare a game plan on what to do week-by-week.

Write your checklist using a Gantt chart. What are the things that need to be accomplished 3 months before the event? Do you have to confirm the guest list a month before the big day? Do you need to fit in your wedding gown on a specific timeline? The more detailed the list, the better.


Eliminating potential stressors months before your wedding will definitely reflect on your face. You will surely look good and radiant on your wedding day. Your guests will see the glow on your face.

4. Rally your Glam Team

Your glam team is quintessential to looking your best on your wedding day. Bad makeup can make or break your look. The same goes for an ill-fitting wedding gown. Pick the right people that will bring out your best assets during your big day.

Your fairy godmothers need not be expensive. They can be your mother, your sister, or your friend. They just need to have that fairy magic to make you a real-life princess at your wedding.

Try out your wedding look several days before your wedding. You might need to change your makeup palette a bit. Take into consideration the location and time of your wedding. If it's going to be held outside during the afternoon, you may opt for natural or bronze shades that will reflect natural sunlight.

5. Work Out!

Working out can help you look good on your wedding day. Not only will it make you fit in your wedding outfit better, but working out will also make you more confident about yourself, as well. Feeling a few pounds lighter will give your self-esteem a big boost. You will feel as if you are Beyonce or Victoria’s Secret model working the catwalk.


Dedicate, at most, an hour every day to working out. You can walk around the neighborhood. You can walk your dog every afternoon. You can also opt to go for a run inside a gym.

6. Eat Right

Working out must always be accompanied by the right nutrition. Get the right balance of nutrients by combining fruits and veggies into every meal.

To complement your fitness journey and burn calories faster, you can opt to use supplementation. There are tried and tested supplements that can boost your energy while helping you lose stubborn fat.

The right food and the right supplements will further help you look good on your wedding day.

Days before your wedding, do last minute preps. For example:

1. Get Pampered

Trim what needs to be trimmed. Wax what needs to be waxed. Check your hair, your nails, and your brows. Be meticulous.

In addition to trimming unwanted hair, you may also want to go for a massage. It is just a fitting culmination to months of stress! Going for a massage also relaxes those tired muscles, just in time to look good for your wedding day.

2. Visit Your Dermatologist

Go for the last minute visit to your dermatologist. You might want to get rid of blackheads and pimples that have accumulated the last few days before the wedding!

Avail yourself of an oil-cleansing facial to make your face look oil-free during your wedding. Looking good on your wedding will feel effortless if you have good skin. 

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. Looking good on your wedding day is not impossible. Given the tips listed above, you are sure to have a blast during your wedding.

Sporting a dazzling smile throughout your wedding is the most important tip in order to glow during your special day. How you feel reflects on your face. If you look stressed and frazzled because of last-minute problems - which, happens 99% of the time during the actual wedding - your guests will feel fidgety, too.

Just relax and enjoy your wedding day. Your wedding day just marks the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime with your significant other.