More Protein Yields More Muscle & Strength

Ever wonder if you could get better body composition and strength results by eating more protein?

A review in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition identified the dose of protein that is necessary to produce dramatic increases in muscle and strength from resistance training - and the dose is higher than is commonly thought.

Researchers analyzed all previous studies that compared changes when participants took various types of supplemental protein in conjunction with training. A higher daily protein intake was always more effective than a lower intake.

Additionally, and there was what they called a "protein spread" effect. In studies that showed statistically significant strength and body composition gains, there was an average 66 percent greater protein intake.

For example, in a study that had college football players consume either 2 or 1.24 g/kg/day of protein over 12 weeks, the group that consumed the higher 2 g/kg dose gained 14.3 kg greater increase in maximum squat strength.

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