SWAT Fuel 40 Caliber Multivitamin

  • Step one of the SWAT Fuel nutritional program is the 40 Caliber Multivitamin combined with a healthy diet without simple sugars.
  • A True Prescription Grade Multivitamin that is the foundation of any Health/Sports Nutrition Program.
  • This STRESS DOSE VITAMIN is designed for people who push their body and want to support it with the proper nutrients. Formulated with superior ingredients like METHYLCOBALAMIN as a source of B12, you'll find that this vitamin is by far superior to any multivitamin you've tried. Formulated by an MD, who is also a SWAT Police Officer.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sugars or coatings. It is simply formed and glazed, so it's even chewable if needed for immediate release.
  • The supplements designed with the warrior in mind. Gluten free, Dairy free, Egg Free and gimmick free.
  • Combination vitamins, minerals and herbal.
  • 10 year shelf life from date of manufacture (Unopened)